This website is all about the SSO (Sikh Sewa Organisation – Manchester UK) and its various initiatives to help the homeless, needy and less fortunate.

Our first initiative is #langar4all. This is all about providing food, clothes and support to the homeless and needy.

We feed the homeless, unfortunate and needy in Piccadilly Gardens, Central Manchester every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm.

We provide food to day shelters and currently have close links with Cornerstones and Lifeshare and other homeless Day Centres. We also provide food to distribute to ‘Feed Manchester ‘.

Our thanks and gratitude to Sri Guru Harkrishan Gurdwara Manchester for their help, support and use of kitchen facilities.

If you are a homeless shelter / day centre please feel free to contact us anytime on to arrange some free food for the needy.

Visit our Facebook Page also at

Please also visit our sister site for information on Sikhism


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