March 2016

Feeding and providing clothes to the homeless, needy and less fortunate remains incredibly spiritually soul satisfying for all the volunteers. Again we fed 500 people and this time ran out […]

Another very blessed day to help those in need in Manchester. Once again we cooked for 500 people and the food was all finished within 3 hours. The smiles on […]

The need to feed the homeless, needy and unfortunate in Manchester is huge and remains as important today as it was when we started. We cater for 500 people and […]

I came across a saying a year ago that read “You are not wealthy until you have something that money cannot buy”. How true that is. We are so blessed […]

Another very successful day serving the homeless, needy and less fortunate here in Manchester. In total over 500 hungry mouths were fed again including the food we supply to the […]