Homeless Feed 01/05/16

Another fantastic Sunday spent feeding the homeless in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens. Personally I always feel so humbled to be around those if life that are so unfortunate and needy. It’s so sad to seem, but yet such a great feeling to be able to help them in any way we can. The SSO (Sikh Sewa Organisation) goes from strength to strength. No Sunday would be the same without this now. Here is this weeks write up from one of our regular volunteers.

“This week the yearly Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan (procession) fell on the day of the weekly Sunday homeless feed with both events encouraging us to live in the world with understanding and tolerance. A few SSO volunteers put their hands up stating they wanted to continue the homeless feed and didn’t really want to take a week away from the awesome atmosphere. We asked the awesome energetic Feed Manchester group to work with us and they were delighted to step in to ensure the weekly SSO homeless feed carried on irrespective. The homeless community received a hot meal (and much more) and and the weekly banter to ensure their basic emotional needs are met too.

However on the day I was delighted to see over 70% of the regular SSO volunteers walked over from the town hall festivities for the serving at 2.45pm.

A huge big thank you to Kiren’s and Navinder’s families who cooked hot meals using their own facilities from home from the early hours of the morning as all the Gurdwara kitchens in Manchester were unavailable due to the Nagar Kirtan. Your families cooked for hundreds of people.. and I have to add the food was absolutely delicious. Awesome teamwork.

Another great initiative was from Kher Singh who set up a stall for the Vasakhi Nagar kirtan sangat (congregation) at every Gurdwara to raise awareness and collect donations for the weekly homeless feed and the SSO.

Having Feed Manchester and SSO team up together a few of the SSO volunteers decided to go out with Feed Manchester to feed the homeless on the streets by taking the food to them. It was an eye opener seeing first hand some of the harsh living conditions they are exposed too.

Well done to both groups.. Great community spirit and I’m still truly humbled to be given the opportunity to participate every Sunday… Like I say.. It’s my fuel for the week.”

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