Homeless Feed 02/10/16

Another fantastic Sunday spent feeding the homeless, as we do week in week out. This weeks homeless feed was sponsored by Dr Harpal Kaur and family to celebrate the birthday of their son Rajjan. This is their write up of their personal experience below. May the Almighty always keep them blessed.

“The glorious sun shone all day today, from morning as we happily travelled through the football traffic to Guru Harkrishan Ji gurdwara. Both boys excited, especially Krishan as we were going to “his” gurdwara today. We were greeted by the sewadaars whom had reached before us including my husband and dad!!! Chopping the vegetables was fun with light banter, making sure our turnips and potatoes were diced to a perfect 1cm cubed! The soup was delightfully and perfectly prepared by Navnit bhenji. The rice cooked by another bhenji sewadaar. We arrived at Piccadilly gardens where suddenly a crowd had appeared in front of the stalls that had been put up before our arrival. The lighthearted mood had changed to a serious reality facing individuals whom had gathered that had no fixed abode, their last meal could have been days ago. The situations and life circumstances faced everyday by these individuals were those basic needs that we take for granted; food, clothing and shelter. Initially I felt tearful and overwhelmed at the vulnerability of this crowd. I quickly reflected on my daily busy routines and some of the stuff I might complain or moan about now felt measurably petty. The experience was humbling, even more so when the crowd thanked us. The crowd mentioned kind words such as they could feel that the food was cooked with love. Their faces breaking out in a smile when they tasted the hot wholesome soup. Helping here also made me realise the how austerity measures had affected the health of the service users. Much of those that attended the stalls had clear health and social needs. As I observed, life style advise was often imparted by the volunteers. Some of them signposting for access to further help. I feel that is the type of service that if integrated into health and social care, the impact to the service users would be great. Roll on Devo Manc!! A wonderful sum of around £44 was raised today by kind donations of passer by’ whom gave generously. The second thing that I was overwhelmed and struck by was the dedication of the volunteers, and their readiness to sacrifice their Sundays for this service. Their enthusiasm and resilience for this service to be sustainable despite challenges from all angles has been remarkable. My family and I look forward to the Sunday we can join again. With love. 🙏

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