Homeless Feed 03/01/16

Once again a massive blessing to Feed the needy and homeless in Manchester City Centre. It was pouring down with rain all day yet that did not stop the dedicated and passionate sewadaars (helpers doing selfless service) serving those that are less fortunate. We served them for nearly 4 hours and they just kept coming. It just shows what a massive need there is for this sewa (selfless service) in Manchester. May Waheguru ji (the one universal creator) always bless us to carry on serving. “Jin seviya tin paiya maan” meaning ‘those that serve the almighty through serving his creation shall receive blessings’. A massive thank you to Guru Harkrishan Gurdwara Manchester for allowing us to use their facilities to prepare and cook the Langar (free community vegetarian meal). Looking forward to the next homeless feed next Sunday. God Bless. ‪#‎langar4all‬

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