Homeless Feed 03/04/16

Another successful Sunday serving the Homeless. All the volunteers (sewadaars) worked tirelessly to prepare all the food and ensure that people who are less well off than us are fed and provided with everyday essentials. It is extremely humbling to see the smiling faces when they arrive at Piccadilly Gardens. Sincere gratitude to all the sewdaars for doing this selfless sewa. Heartfelt thanks to Atwal Family for undertaking the sponsorship of the homeless feed.

‘Big thanks’ to Paul Roper and the team from Feed Manchester who have become regular team members of SSO on Sunday’s. Each week they distribute food and essentials to those unable to make it to Piccadilly Gardens.

This week we were approached by a Jewish Rabbi ‘Ariel Abel’ from Liverpool. He was extremely impressed by what we were doing for the homeless / underprivileged people. He was also willing to offer his services going forward. It will be great if we can work alongside other faiths going forward.

May The Almighty God (Waheguru ji) bless us all with the strength and wealth to carry on with this Selfless Service (Sewa) for the foreseeable future.

God Bless everyone

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