Homeless Feed 07/02/16

Click here for photos of the Homeless feed on 07/02/16

Yet another very successful and spiritually satisfying feed in Manchester yesterday. Thanks to Kanwar Singh and family for the sponsorship of todays feed.

Not only did we get to feed so many homeless and needy on the street between 2pm and 6pm in the city centre but many new openings came.

We also met an amazing group called Feed Manchester who walk tirelessly around Manchester serving food, drinks and essentials to those in need. We plan to link up with them weekly on Sunday and offer them as much food as they need to help them in their amazing selfless service.

We were then introduced to a group of people who are living rough in a building in the city centre. We went to that building (and was shown around by them) and donated lots of food there too and have promised them a weekly supply.

Lastly we went to a shelter and gave them lots of food to for the vulnerable that are residing there currently. They were absolutely overjoyed and very grateful to us. This will also become weekly for us in our sewa helping humanity.

So from now on are going to make 50% more food to help as many as we can both on the street and in the shelters.

This amazing service would not be possible without the amazing volunteers who sacrifice their Sunday weekly but most of all absolutely impossible without the blessings.from God.

We are here to serve always.

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  1. Great to hear & keep up the great work.


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