Homeless Feed 08/05/16

Another Sunday and another very successful feed. The sun was out and in turn the homeless and unfortunate were in higher spirits and as always very grateful for our presence with food and clothes. Our thanks to Avtar Singh Rodh and family for this week’s sponsorship of the homeless feed. Here is the write up of the day from their perspective:

“Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sent out to work by his father, he told him “Buy some good quality food and pay as little money as you can for it. Then find someone who wants that food and sell it to them for more money. You’ll have more money than when you started, that’s called profit. I want you to go out there and make a profit from the money I have given you” he said and sent Nanak off. Guru Nanak took the money and he bought some food but then gave the food away to those less fortunate.

Like many people, most of us work to earn money to support ourselves so that we can earn more so that we can support ourselves to a greater extent and so on.

However, many of us at one time or another forgets that for us to be alive today, our parents were selfless to give us the sustenance we needed in order to survive, when we weren’t capable of supporting ourselves. Like Guru Ji, our parents selflessly gave us food expecting nothing in return and for the sole purpose of helping others.

When Guru Ji had bought the food, some yogis told Him: ‘’We don’t have any particular home. We go everywhere and we think about God. We trust that God will provide for us wherever we go.” Nanak was always happy to meet men of God like these men who did nothing but meditate and think about God. As children, we are similar to the Yogis, because we have always expected our parents to provide for us. We never ask for food, we trust our parents will provide us with it.

Our parents did this to help us grow and this was their sewa. Nanak taught us that whatever we can give to people in need we should. Whatever we can do to serve others, no matter what it costs, is well worth it. He said “This is the real profit – serving others.”

We need to act as Guru Nanak Dev Ji did and like our parents have done for us, follow what the Gurus taught us and serve the homeless and less fortunate as these are the people that are the holiest and most humble because of the help they need. This sewa has been sent to us by Guru Nanak Dev Ji as an opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of being a Sikh.

Whatever our troubles are, there is always going to be someone who is more weary, more hungry and less fortunate than ourselves.

Today we celebrate our dad’s birthday, for a split second we wondered how to celebrate, what to wear, what to eat… that was just for a split second. Instead we came to the Gurdwara together as a family, we put our heart and soul into preparing a very special langar, with our special extended family, to share with others. What better way could we think of to celebrate, than spending the day caring and sharing with hundreds of members of our very special extended family.

On the day we were lucky enough to meet others who were interested in joining us in our endeavours, giving donations to share this humbling sewa. This made the day even more special.

Thank you to everyone for sharing this day with us and making this sewa possible.

Let’s never forget the true teachings of our Gurus, and the true meaning of langar. Thank you for giving us this humbling gift of sewa!

The Rodh family x

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