Homeless Feed 09/10/16

Yet another Sunday, yet another homeless feed in Manchester City Centre, this time as part of national Langar week, #langarweek. Langar is the Sikh institution of feeding the homeless and needy a free universal vegetarian meal, irrespective of caste, religion or faith, and the SSO are blessed to be able to do this week in, week out. Today we were joined by students from the University’s of Manchester SikhSociety who experienced this for the first time and from their feedback they found it very soul satisfying and will become regular volunteers. Thank you. Our gratitude also to Mr Kanwar Singh for the sponsorship of today’s homeless feed. We are there every Sunday for all those in need in Manchester and if you want to join us, you just need to turn up. Without the wonderful weekly volunteers, this would not be possible. God bless all always.

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