Homeless Feed 13/03/16

The need to feed the homeless, needy and unfortunate in Manchester is huge and remains as important today as it was when we started. We cater for 500 people and this week ran out of food by 5.30pm. All we can do is step up the quantities yet again for the Homeless Feed next Sunday and everyday 12-6pm

Once again the comments from the team are all about feeling so blessed to be involved in such a spiritually rewarding sewa (selfless service). #langar4all

The goal is simple. Feed those that need feeding. We are blessed with everything and if we can share and help others on the way, then we all have a duty to do so.

So please everyone get out there and help make a difference to those in need and help to raise awareness of their plight, so that these unfortunate people can have a better future and one they deserve.

It remains awesome to work with Matthew Campbell and the rest of the FEED MANCHESTER team who also are serving hot meals and handing out essentials from piccadilly Gardens on Mondays now 7-9pm.

Sarbat Da Bhala (God bless everyone always)

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