Homeless Feed 10/04/16

Another fantastic day feeding 500 homeless and needy. Here is this week’s write up from Raman (R2), one of our dedicated and passionate volunteer’s.

“I’m going to start by giving this group of volunteers, who make this weekly feed possible, a name: The A-Team. Simply because, they are Amazing. I joined this team a few weeks in from when this project began and they were truly a well oiled machine by that point, that is now just growing in strength week to week. And this team that’s fluid in members, yet retains it structure throughout, proves that when we have a mission in mind and we stick together, it can be done.

This week we had a change of location for the cooking, and for the first time I actually saw something beneficial happen from having more than one gurdwara kitchen available to us. This change naturally didn’t phase the A-Team and they swung into action!

Now the A-Team also has a helping hand from others, who play a key role whether it’s Feed Manchester and their team on the beat, or Pret simply refilling our hot water for the brews..we are thankful to all the donors/volunteers..for we are truly stronger in numbers.

The faces that we all once walked past without acknowledging are waiting eagerly for our arrival weekly. Faces are becoming familiar, names are becoming attached & life tales are being shared. In earlier weeks I recall people hoarding, taking more than needed..as the weeks have passed I see them beginning to trust. Trust that we’re coming back. And in turn only taking supplies that will last until the next week.

Being stationed at the brews, I normally see hands more than anything. Each hugging the cup of tea/coffee, trying to drain it’s warmth. Hands so different, each telling their own story, something different to the face attached I find. The face may have a smile but the hands can be covered blisters. A cheeky grin, but trembling fingers. Some simply want their drink in solace, some want to share their story, some just want idle chit chat. I’ve realised we’re not just here to feed a belly but also a soul. Our contribution may be minute, but even still it can be significant simply having someone to talk to.

As the weeks roll on, and we keep returning, I hear gratitude from these people who live on the streets. Heartfelt thank you’s are echoing around our station. I’m left humbled. I gave a man a coffee and we fed him a meal, and he feels the need to say thank you to me? These thank you’s leave me speechless personally. We are told that we’re doing something great.. These are our teachings from our Guru centuries ago..we took a long time to act upon them in the way intended, but I’m proud to be part of the A-Team & making a difference to the lives of so many people.”

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