Homeless Feed 14/02/16

An amazing soul satisfying day again to be providing food, clothes and essentials to the homeless and needy in Manchester. Once again we served over 300 meals to those less fortunate beautiful souls here in Manchester City Centre. It is times like this that remind us how much God has provided us with and that we must always live in gratitude for that. These guys are sleeping on the streets in this horrible freezing cold. Today was also the first day of working in partnership with Feed Manchester. Lovely to meet Matthew Campbell, Asia Burrill, Reece Williams and all the fantastic team doing their wonderful selfless service. What an amazing group of people who selflessly and tirelessly walk the streets of Manchester serving food. It is an immense pleasure to be blessed to provide them with 70 ready packed boxes of rice and lentils and 25 cups of hot soup to hand out. We look forward to working with them weekly in the same common goal of serving the one Lord and master and his creations. God bless us all. #langar4all

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