Homeless Feed 15/05/16

Every Sunday when we feed the homeless in Manchester, I ask the family that has sponsored the event for a write up from their perspective of how it made them feel. This is last week’s write up from the Dhokia family. It makes such a beautiful read. God bless them always. #langar4all

“As a Hindu family we believe that sharing wealth through giving is an important religious duty. The sharing of food with others is one of the most common ways that we can fulfil this duty.

Our Hindu teachings also remind us of our obligation to devote some of our time to serving others. Just like many busy working families, sometimes it is hard to find the time to help others but when we heard about the SSO project, through family friend JagmaIl Singh, we were really keen to help.

The SSO is a wonderful organisation who help the homeless people of Manchester. They ensure that food, clothing and other supplies get directly to those less fortunate individuals who need them the most.

When we arrived at Piccadily Gardens, last Sunday, it was a lovely sunny day. There were lots of smiles and good spirits all around. Throughout the afternoon there was a steady stream of people who came to collect hot food, snacks, drinks and clothing. Our boys aged 5, 8, and 10, rolled their sleeves up and got to work alongside the other SSO volunteers. They kept themselves so busy distributing supplies that before they knew it nearly three hours had gone by. They were actually a little disappointed when it was time to pack away!

As a family, we encourage kindness and consideration. As parents, we were pleased to hear how much the boys had enjoyed helping others. Donating supplies and time to the SSO was a wonderful way to help those in need while providing our children with the opportunity to see first hand what a little kindness can achieve.

We would like to thank all the other volunteers and members of the SSO project who gave up their time to help last Sunday, as well as those who donated money, supplies or helped prepare food. Your efforts are much appreciated by all the individuals who benefit from the project. I lost count of the number of times I heard the phrase ‘thank you’ last Sunday – the homeless people of Manchester really do need and appreciate your support!

The Dhokia Family

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