Homeless Feed 17/04/16

Here is this weeks summary of our weekly Sunday Homeless Feed where once again 500 needy and homeless were fed and once again we were blessed to provide food to the wonderful group Feed Manchester to distribute. This weeks homeless feed was by the Sangi family in memory of their Mother / Grandmother / Great Grandmother who sadly passed away last year (first anniversary). The write up below is from her Grandchildren, Harpreet & Gurmeet. It is truly heart touching.

Wow what can I say, the buzz around the team and the incredible vibe in the atmosphere on this Sunday’s feed the homeless was fantastic. It was held in remembrance of my Bebe Ji (Grandmother), the late Jit Kaur, the head and most important member of our Sangi family.

My Bebe Ji was truly an angel and her passion was to cook and feed everyone and she never let anyone go hungry. So Sunday 17th April to me was about paying respect to her legacy.

If you knew her then you would of known what a truly inspirational person she was, as she was always putting people first and helped so many people around the whole of the UK and India.

I know my Bebe Ji would of been right there with us and watching us serve the hungry and needy, it’s something she would of wanted and I know she would have been very proud of us and so I can’t describe just how much happiness I felt knowing we were making her feel proud.

I feel like the heavens were open by Bebe Ji and the sun was shining all day and what a wonderful day it was.

Just being there, every Sunday and working together as part of the A-Team is amazing. We are all here to serve the homeless and we always achieve this each and every time. I know we are all busy people and maybe have Sunday’s off work, but to give up your spare time to do Seva (Selfless Service) is a massive blessing from the Almighty and the difference from having to be there or wanting to be there only you will know what it feels like from the satisfaction you get from doing this. I noticed so many new homeless people on the Sunday which I’ve never seen before and it was just amazing how busy it gets and how grateful so many homeless people are. As our Guru taught us to feed to the poor and put back something into the community by sharing and giving, regardless of who you are, from the wealthiest person to the working class we are all in this together.

I can see how good this is becoming now. It just seems to be growing more and more and it feels amazing that we are serving homeless people, from different ages, races and cultures.

It makes me very proud to be able to represent the teachings of our Sikh religion and it’s becoming more aware around the homeless community, that we are Sikhs, and they are so appreciative of our culture and compassion.

Most of the food was consumed and only a small amount was left over which then was delivered to the homeless shelter.

I just want to lastly say Thankyou to every member of our “A-Team” who work so hard each and every week but especially for making this special day even more special for me and my family. I know a lot of you had other commitments but gave up the time to be there on Sunday so great work everyone and we smashed it !

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