Homeless Feed 21/02/16

Another amazing blessed day to be able to serve the needy, homeless and less fortunate. In total we made food for over 500 today and it was all gone by the end. With God’s grace more and more homeless and needy are being fed weekly. It was absolutely amazing to team up with Matthew Campbell and all the fantastic volunteers from Feed Manchester once again and be given the opportunity to supply them with hot food to add to their own, to selflessly serve the less fortunate in Manchester. These guys are truly amazing and doing really wonderful work.

It was also totally fantastic to see the smile on the faces of the women in the Shelter where we go weekly after the homeless feed to drop off food and clothes. They were all so grateful and were literally queuing up and saying they really look forward to Sunday evening when we come.

May the Almighty always keep us all in bliss to always carry on serving humanity and recognising all of humanity as one.

Today’s sponsorship of the food was by Balvindar Sangi ji & family in loving memory of his late Father Shingar Singh Sangi. May the Almighty always keep them blessed and in high spirits. Below is his comments on today’s feed.

“Big Thank u 2 everyone 4 making it a Special Day 4 me & my sons Rajindar & Harpreet & SANGI & Family. In the memory of my Father the Late Shingar Singh Sangi. The 13th Anniversary. I couldn’t have wished 4 a better way of remembering my late father. I’m sure he would have B Looking down on us 2Day. Thank u all so much Ji. May Waheguru Ji Bless u all & all of ur wishes come. Love u all from the bottom of my Heart. Can’t wait 4 next week Ji.”

We pray for blessings for all of mankind and to always be able to serve.


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