Homeless Feed 22/05/16

Once again a very spiritually satisfying day feeding the homeless on Sunday in Piccadilly Gardens. This weeks feed was sponsored by all the volunteers themselves. Join us if you can any Sunday and experience the delight of putting a smile and giving hope to so many homeless and needy individuals. Here is this weeks write-up from another one of our volunteers.

‘What an incredible weekend! Not only have I been part of the ‘A’ team at SSO but I have also witnessed the determination of two volunteers take part in the Great Manchester Run raising money for SSO.

This Sunday was undoubtedly the busiest Sunday I have seen in a long time. Jagmail and Dale both ran the 10K Great Manchester Run. It was a really lovely day weather wise until the heavens opened up and it rained cats, dogs and sheep! This did not dampen anyone’s spirit. Both racers finished the race generating over a £1000 in donations.

Jagmail has been training intensely for the race and is looking more slender than me! The girls, Dad and I have helped Jagmail by eating his share of desserts and chocolates etc. It has been strenuous but after months of practicing, we managed it. We also did a fantastic job of cheering him on. Once Jagmail had finished the race, he wasted no time and went straight to Piccadilly Gardens to help his team.

It is testament on how committed he and the rest of the team are. Without fail and without any consideration on how cold it is outside, the volunteers all come and help.

The team spirit is commendable. I am truly humbled to be part of the organisation. What is truly the impressive part, is not only the keenness everyone shows but also the effectiveness of the team and how they all work collaboratively to deliver the precision seen at a Grand Prix pit stop.

The volunteers are amazing, they volunteer their time with the shopping of perishables and non perishables etc; they help with the peeling, chopping and cooking; the packing, boxing and setting up; serving and listening and not forgetting those who clean up after. All heroes of a different kind.

The concept of Langar – the free kitchen established hundreds of years ago instills humility and a sense of purpose to those who serve. The people on the receiving end show gratitude not with money or words but with their visible relief and with the gift of a smile or nod. I see swollen fingers bitten by the cold carefully wrapped around the hot cups of tea. I see unkempt faces and I see the surprise in people’s faces when their perception of Sikhs change, they are unsure who we are and what we do but are prepared to trust us and they return each Sunday.

I am a mother and it is a mother’s instinct to protect my family and it is no different to the brothers, partners and parents who come and request eight tubs of soup for their family too. My children attend and volunteer with us too and it is with the intention and purpose to see just how fortunate we are, with our homes, jobs and food that we select ourselves. Indeed it is a privilege to be part of Sikh Sewa Organisation and long may they last!!

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