Homeless Feed 27/03/16

Feeding and providing clothes to the homeless, needy and less fortunate remains incredibly spiritually soul satisfying for all the volunteers. Again we fed 500 people and this time ran out of food even earlier than last week. We have decided once again to step up the quantity we make, so that we can serve food from 3pm right up to to 6pm every Sunday. Our thanks and gratitude to Raj Sarin for this week’s sponsorship of the homeless feed.

Thanks to all the volunteers, donors and sponsors who make this possible each week and to Paul Roper on behalf of Feed Manchester who were there on the day walking around Manchester serving food to all first hand.

Below is a lovely message we have received from a volunteer:

This week the seva was a great success and it’s great to see regular people that we are helping week after week. The food was all consumed & went down a great success. From my point of view as a volunteer I have found this very humbling as the people needing help come up to all of us to thank us for the work we do.

I had an experience this week where one of the people said he’s getting his life back on track as he’s got a flat now and just started a job working on a building site. He was very keen to share this with me & I was humbled by the experience. To hear this from a regular person gives me immense pleasure to know that we are helping to provide the support they need an outlet for them to talk to us & to provide feedback if required.

This week we started doing some research regarding some homeless people’s backgrounds and how they have ended up in these circumstances & just by talking to various people this provides them with an outlet to discuss issues & gives me as a volunteer a better understanding of their situation. Again this week working with the Feed Manchester team is a great success & the food they distributed all went down well & we received great feedback on how grateful those in need are for the food & the work we are all doing as a team.

God bless all.

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