Homeless Feed 31/01/16

Many thanks to Raman Kaur (aka Raman2) for this week’s sponsorship of the Langar sewa (purchase of the food provisions) for the homeless and needy. May she and her lovely family always stay blessed.

Below is a message received from Mandip Singh regarding today’s and all the recent homeless feeds.

“We have done our first full month of sewa 5 in total for Jan feeding in excess of over 1000 people in that time. It is rewarding to see a small Sikh community in Manchester as well as others from the north west of England helping with the sewa with their time and help. We have done this in all types of weather also.

Thank you to everyone for this opportunity and see how a small community works together to help others.

And a big thank you to all the kids who have come over in the last five weeks and take part as this shows that Sikhs of all ages are willing to help others and the kids have seen the other side of life which they may not have before.

So let us keep this up for a long time to come and show what Sikhs can do and show other Sikhs in manchester who Sikhs truly are”.

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