SSO January 2016 Update

We are blessed to report that the homeless and needy sewa (selfless service) is going from strength to strength.

The #langar4all initiative is to feed, clothe and provide essentials to the homeless and needy in Manchester, as per the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji (first Sikh Guru). We are now very blessed to do this weekly every Sunday.

We have also recently received donations of our own infrastructure of 5 folding tables and tea and coffee dispensers. This is invaluable in ensuring our sewa is sustainable and can continue whilst there is a massive need for it in Manchester.

In January we launced our own website
and a facebook page

We also recently launched the live bookings calendar on this website, on which anyone can sponsor a homeless feed on a Sunday. With Gods Grace every week is booked until mid March.

Our plan now is to link up with other agencies also and help them in any way we can. We have already embarked on this journey as per below. This will mean that we will make 50% more food this week to serve directly and to distribute also to these agencies,

We welcome donations of the following items, as these are used weekly in our sewa.

Lastly our thanks and gratitude to Guru Harkrishan Gurdwara who allow us to use their kitchen facilities in order to ensure this sewa goes on uninterrupted weekly.

May Waheguru ji (the one universal Lord) always give us the strength to continue to serve.

“Jin Sevia Tin Paiya Maan, Nanak Gaviya Guni Nidhaan”

“Those that serve the Lord will receive his blessings and Nanak Says, sing the praises of the Lord”

God Bless

Pritpal Singh Makan
On behalf of all the sewadaars (volunteers) of SSO.

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